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Shelton Gold Plan

La Espina

Shelton Residence

      Placitas, New Mexico


La Espina rests along a southwest facing ridge with challenging but exciting geography, geology, and vistas. This project exemplifies how a challenging site can be advantageous to creative design.

Max Vasher Fontanarosa Residence


Designed to overlook a south facing cliff edge in Northern New Mexico, the Fontanrosa/Ornelas Residence employs a unique plan and equally unique masonry construction that is a direct expression of the occupants and the sacred surrounding geography.

Max Vasher Azulik Tulum

U K'UX KAJ- Azulik Design Competition Entry

        Tulum, Mexico


Tulum is on the cutting edge of boutique hospitality and resort design. Max's design entry for the 2020 Roth Azulik Design Competition is a fine example of how that edge can produce a sublime and unique experience for the occupant. 

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