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Shelton Gold Plan

La Espina

Shelton Residence

      Placitas, New Mexico


La Espina rests along a southwest facing ridge with challenging but exciting geography, geology, and vistas. This project exemplifies how a challenging site can be advantageous to creative design.

Max Vasher Fontanarosa Residence


Designed to overlook a south facing cliff edge in Northern New Mexico, the Fontanrosa/Ornelas Residence employs a unique plan and equally unique masonry construction that is a direct expression of the occupants and the sacred surrounding geography.

Max Vasher Studio Home

JIN ZHU- Vasher Studio/Home
           Placitas, New Mexico


Max Vasher designed and built Jin Zhu as the permanent studio and residence of both he and wife, Artist Jennifer Vasher. From backhoe excavation to concrete formwork to  furniture design and construction, Jin Zhu is a complete composition constructed entirely by Max himself.

Max Vasher Azulik Tulum

U K'UX KAJ- Azulik Design Competition Entry

        Tulum, Mexico


Tulum is on the cutting edge of boutique hospitality and resort design. Max's design entry for the 2020 Roth Azulik Design Competition is a fine example of how that edge can produce a sublime and unique experience for the occupant. 

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