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Cliffside Design & John Lautner

One of my most recent clients was thrilled to see my design for their cliff side mountain cabin in Jemez Springs, New Mexico and now I’m thrilled to share it with all of you. The overall design is a semicircle that wraps itself back into the steep site. John Lautner often remarked on how circular designs are best for hillside sites and in my practice I have found the same to be true from both a structural and experiential standpoint. Tucked into the trees of the hillside, this design features panoramic views from both the interior spaces and the wraparound outdoor deck. The fireplace anchors the cabin and has an opening outside on the deck as well as inside the main living space. The drama and awe of the panoramic views are balanced by a quiet and contemplative interior courtyard tucked against the hill on the backside of the cabin.

Design for the Schulte Cabin Retreat
Cliffside Cabin

Cantilevered viewing deck
Cliffside Cabin

Courtyard retreat into the forest.
Cliffside Cabin

Schulte Cabin design model.
Cliffside Cabin

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