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Michelle Chavez Residence (under construction)


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The Chavez Residence is a unique mixture of three different architectural schools of thought. The first influence is from the concept of 'Earthships' developed in the 1970's by architect Michael Reynolds in Taos, New Mexico. The second influence involves the use of super adobe wall construction developed by architect and CalEarth founder Nader Khalili. Lastly is the broad semi flat roof that is used to collect water and gains its edge from the tenets of modernism. The result is a penultimate example of Organic Architecture. The residence is small but efficient. The main feature is the south facing solar garden. This is a thermal mass heat storage area as well as a sustenance providing garden greenhouse area within the house. The garden works both as a way to sustain the occupants with fresh food, a seasonal passive heating and cooling system, and a gray water filtration system. The eave on the south side is calculated to allow warming sun in the winter but cooling shade in the summer. Every aspect of this design from it's influences to it's final developed design is aimed at maximizing the ideas that inform sustainable architecture.

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