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BIGGERS  FARM GREENHOUSE  (under construction)


02 / 2019

Max Vasher's design for the Biggers Farm Greenhouse is an exploration in functional creativity. The dominant feature of the overall design is the use of ascending and descending bow barrel trusses. The trusses are designed to create a two-tiered roof that creates a natural convection of air flow within the space. The second upper tier takes advantage of unwanted excess summer heat by allowing that heat to escape through the upper tier windows drawing cooler air in through the space from ground plants near the lower windows. The trusses are anchored to the ground with custom concrete columns that are designed to allow side panels to slide directly into formed grooves in the concrete. Wide eves provide a chance to be outside and enjoy a good rain and provide a larger roof footprint for rainwater collection which falls at the four corners into collection ponds.

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